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New Method to Remove Arsenic from Water Covert Arsenic 3 To Arsenic 5

A fast method to convert Arsenic 3 to Arsenic 5: Arsenic is a naturally occurring element that is widely distributed in the Earth's crust. It is found in water, air, food and soil. Arsenic is also used in pesticides and wood preservatives. It can also lead to groundwater through rocks and soil, which is a widespread problem.

Consuming water with high levels of arsenic may cause severe health issues. Such as complications and nervous system, liver disorders & even cancer. There are several methods used to treat arsenic contamination, But all of them have a common issue of disposal. Scientists at Savitribai Phule Pune University have now developed a novel green method to effectively remove arsenic from water.

Arsenic is widely used in various fields such as Electronics, agriculture, food preservation & medicine. The concentration of arsenic may be higher in certain geographical regions. Globally, Bangladesh is the most heavily arsenic-contaminated country followed by India, the United States, China and Nigeria. So far several methods have been used in order to reduce arsenic from water.

New Method to Remove Arsenic from Water

However, all these methods have a common issue of disposing of extracted arsenic from the water. This challenge was successfully taken up by Dr Kisan Kodam and his team from the Department of Chemistry Savitribai Phule Pune University. Through the Continuous effort, the team is ready with a complete Green Solution for removal of arsenic from arsenic-contaminated water where the useful product for agricultural use.

At present only secure landfill disposal method for removed arsenic is very common. This attracted doctor Kisan Kodam and he started working on the effective conversion of removed arsenic into a value-added product.

For removal of arsenic, doctor Kisan Kodam used bacterial isolates. These were isolated from famous Lonar leak from Buldhana district of Maharashtra state. Lonar lake was created by a meteor impact craters in basaltic Rock.

Covert Arsenic 3 To Arsenic 5

The isolated screen has a capacity to convert toxic form of arsenic 3 into less toxic arsenic 5  within five minutes. However, the team just did not only want this conversion of arsenic 3 to arsenic 5, but then another approach was how to reuse removed arsenic? so that environmental load can be reduced and thus landfill disposal can be avoided.

Therefore Dr. Kisan Kodam decided to transfer water containing arsenic 5 into a tank containing several salt solution. The precipitation of arsenic five occurs immediately after it came in contact with multiple salt solution.

There are many bacterial isolates used for biological removal of arsenic from water, but they are not as efficient as isolates obtained from lunar Lake. the bacterial culture used in this bioreactor can be reused for the next cycle of purification.

The symptoms of arsenic poisoning can be acute severe and immediate. arsenic intake may cause hyperpigmentation, blood in the urine, conversions, liver disease and even cancer. The two-tire arsenite detoxification bioreactor developed by Dr Kisan Kodam & his research team is going to be a great solution for regions affected by severe arsenic contamination.