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All details of Divya Nayan Device For Visually Impaired

Bringing the gift of Education to those who are visually challenged is a difficult and complex issue. As a lot of educational material and information available is in the form of non-braille documents.

All details of Divya Nayan Device For Visually Impaired

In order to empower the visually impaired students and to provide a better education facility, The central scientific instruments Organization (CSIO) in Chandigarh has made a device called Divya Nayan. The device has a feature to scan a given text in print or electronic format and then reads it aloud to the user.

Divya Nayan Device

India accounts for a population of 19 million visually impaired children out of this 47% are illiterate due to the inadequate education facilities available for them. Books take time to be converted into audio format and often visually impaired children are not able to receive proper braille reading training.

To bring a solution to this important problem and to facilitate education among these special children CSIR-Central Scientific instruments organization has developed a device called Divya Nayan. It is a reading machine where any printed or digital document can be retrieved to give a speech output.

Divya Nayan is a multifunctional device as it can read printed text ebooks and even e-news, the device supports documents for multiple languages.

Development of this device will lead to sustainable development goals by providing inclusive and quality education for all. The institute has also made a mobile app called the dividend Android app for better accessibility.

Visually Impaired

Divya Nayan is based on the technique of contact scanning which works as a scanner. The task can be done simply by scanning a document through the device.

The device is programmed with the character recognition tool to convert the text, then an inbuilt text to speech processor converts the text into audio for the users.

Divya Nayan also has a special feature to analyze multi-column documents. It operates on Come on batteries, which can work for up to three hours and supports internal memory storage of 32GB. The device is portable, wireless and user-friendly. The cost of the device is rupees 10,000.

The Android app of Divya Nayan device supports three languages English, Hindi and Bengali. It can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

Both the app and devices are designed not just for children, but for visually impaired people of all age groups. Through This device, visually impaired people are empowered and will be independent to read.

Moreover, this unique initiative by The institute will give us assistant to learning, education and employment for visually impaired people everywhere.

Divya Nayan Device Important Points

India accounts for 19 million visually impaired children.
CSIO, Chandigarh has developed Divya Nayan device.
Divya Nayan scans the text to read aloud to the user.
CSIO has also made an android mobile app called the Divya Nayan App.